Vegetable Kingdom of a manic-depressive 2006-02-18 14:32:35

I haven't had time to write for some time. I've just moved into
my new home.

I met my old friend. We've known each other quite a long time,
but I we haven't met for a looooong time. He came here and we
had such a good time. Or at least I had. He played piano for me
for hours. I brushed his hair for the whole time and I totally
lost my sense of time. I still don't have lamps so we had to be
in a candle light. He played me a song from the movie Amelie
and I'm quite sure that was the exact moment I fell in love with
him. He let me sleep right next to him and we talked until 3 am.
or something. I haven't been that happy for ages. I have no
expectations or hopes considering that. He lost his girlfriend
a while ago. I hope he gets over it. Not because I want him for
myself (of course I wouldn't mind if he did suggest something like
that) but because he is such a nice man. He really is a person
who deserves to be happy.