Wrong Day

Ughh. I woke up in the wrong world today I think. I’m not sure when I entered it. Perhaps the result of a bad dream. Not a nightmare you understand, just one of those dreams that just don’t…. feel… right…

I was living on the ceiling of a caravan. On the inside of the ceiling. “friends” would come to visit and show me their new phones. I don’t think I knew who any of them were. Maybe online people I’ve never met. My phone, or one someone gave me as a gift, was broken. Or it was constantly being phoned, I’m not sure, but it just played the theme from IK+ for the entire length of the dream. I was feeling iffy last night. My stomach was upset, remind me to add “cut back on spicy food” to my list of resolutions, and halfway through watching Withnail and I on Channel 4 I had to go to bed. I was in a strange mood and Uncle Monty was scaring me more than usual.

This morning I couldn’t wake up. when I did I felt rotten, my head is more jumbled than normal and I’ve still got that fucking tune playing accompaniment to all my tortured thoughts. There is only really one way to exorcise a song like that out of your head. I’m glad I bought a new USB joypad before Christmas.

Someone mentioned pub earlier and despite looking forward to it originally now I feel horrified by the idea. I’m not in the mood and I think being exposed to extended time with my mother again has put me off drugs and alchohol. I really need to try and spend less time in her company and that of her friends. This list of new years resolutions is going to be massive. I guess it makes up for all those years when I couldn’t be arsed.

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