Ulster Says No Bush Here?


This disgusts me. Is this all people here can do? Protest? it’s like the national passtime. You don’t like people marching down your street = protest. You don’t like people protesting your marching down their street = protest. You don’t like the idea that kids from another community are getting an education = protest. You don’t like the new police uniforms = protest. They’re knocking down a squat Seamus Heaney live in for five minutes as a teenager = protest. They don’t have enough of the latest mass produced toy to sate your kids appetite at Christmas = protest. You don’t like the Us president = protest.

You know what? In the end this isn’t about getting your point across… this is about your ego. About what you and your cronies can manage to do.. stop traffic, piss people off… piss off anyone but not get the point across. Just succeed in making yourself look like a bully. Sadly these kind of protests leave a sour taste in the mouth here. Lately (as I wrote about earlier) people were protesting about handicapped iraqi children staying in their town. It’s always the same type of person. Pompus self-rightous ignornat and usually unemployed people who just enjoy the feeling that they can push folks over.

I think now is the time to prove that we aren’t all like that here. that we can think for ourself. Be free, be just, be intelliegent.

George Doubyas administration has been protested in this fashion all over the globe. People stopping traffic. People spelling out words with naked bodies. People protesting by shoplifting and pretending to be dead. We now have a chance on this visit by the president of the US to show we aren’t all like this. that we aren’t all fixated on the tired old idea of getting what we want by bullying. We can show George W bush how much poeple in the north of Ireland respect and admire him with gifts.

I ask all of those out there who belive as I do to follow me in going out and purchasing for George Bush a large box or bag of Pretzels and sending them to your local MP to be given to the President on your behalf. At least David Trimble MP & Gerry Adams MP will be meeting the President so this is both sides of the community covered to some length.

go now today… buy as many pretzels as you can afford as as you feel symbolises your feeling for George W Bush and his administration and send them to your local MP or David Trimble or Gerry Adams via the [UUP] or [Sinn Fein] respectively or just send them to the [Northern Ireland office] to be given to the Prime Minister tony Blair who can present them to George Bush at Hillsborough Castle on Monday on your behalf… or take them along yourself. The more Pretzels on show on Monday the better, and it’ll be a antidote to all those depressing eople pretending to be dead. this country is depressing enough. Let’s show some love…

Let’s show the world that the people of Northern Ireland have a heart…

Hillsborough Castle,
County Down,
Northern Ireland

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