Transmission: haunted house film concept

wpid-wp-1422055170869.jpegA family living in the house Ian Curtis died in. His ghost haunts them through all the radios in the place and makes them all deeply depressed. He wants them to convince Tony Wilson to make New Order record an album of his unreleased poetry, but instead just drives the family to suicide through his inability to accept that Tony Wilson is also dead. Stars Jason Flemyng and Keely Hawes with Burn Gorman as the ghost of Ian Curtis.

Sequel is the same but an American couple buy the house and they survive Ian’s ghostly pessimism by blowing it up or something. Stars Stephen Baldwin and Debra Messing with Burn Gorman as the Ghost. Direct to video.

Second sequel is the same but in an apartment building in Chicago that had been built out of the stone from the original house in Manchester that was shipped to the states… for some reason. Stars Matthew Perry, Adam Baldwin and Kristin Kreuk with Lee Evans as the Ghost. Direct to Netflix.

Third sequel/spinoff is about Tony Wilson haunting the old Hacienda building and terrorising some homeless kids living there by trying to force them to enjoy themselves. The kids need to conjure up the ghost of Ian Curtis to guide Tony to the afterlife. Stars some people who you may remember from episodes of Casualty. Also direct to Netflix.

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