Top 10 Google Cardboard Apps

I recently picked up a Google Cardboard VR headset, because curiosity. Google sell them on their website for $15, but I grabbed an unbranded copy for £2.50 on eBay. Technically, due to the simple nature of the device you can make one yourself but I can’t be bothered with that and if my paper-craft skills are anything to go by, the result would look like something Cthulhu crapped out after eating an Amazon delivery.

I’ve been experimenting with it for a few weeks and have decided to compile a list of the top ten applications I’ve discovered:

Horror House

XitomiTech (Free)

This game/demo advises you to play with headphones to maximise the trauma you will suffer. You are alone in a horror house, the lights flickering and strange noises occur around you. Creepy girl with long hair jumps up and bites your face. Game ends.

Zombie Shoot-Shoot

Rolfsoft ($0.99)

You play an unnamed mute marine that has to clear an office building of zombies. You do this by being slid around on a rail and shooting zombies in the head with a variety of weapons (three). Eventually you get to the king zombie after an exhausting ten minutes (he looks like the other zombies, but wears a crown). Once you kill him a creepy girl with long hair jumps up and bites your face. More levels are promised in 2015.

Hoppy Frog

Hoppy Fun Games Play Work ($1.99)

Play the classic game of Hoppy Frog from the viewpoint of the titular character. Time your jumps correctly to avoid the traffic and jump onto logs. Watch out for the creepy girl with long hair who will jump up and bite your face. There is only one level.

Burmese Pagoda

VirtuBrumTech (Free)

Explore an authentic Buddhist pagoda in Burma, popups give an educational description of various artefacts as well as a history of Buddhism in Burma. Avoid the creepy girl with long hair that jumps out and you and bites your face. Only one pagoda to explore, more are promised. Along with a reality mode that shows you what the pagoda looks like after it’s been blown up by extremists.

3D Flea-pit

WiRipsoftU ($4.99)

A virtual cinema that you can sit in and watch movies. Supports viv, wmv and ra movie files stored on your phone memory (doesn’t support memory card). Looking around in the cinema you can see stained seats scattered with popcorn, a woman playing with her phone, a guy playing with himself, a padlocked emergency exit and a creepy girl with long hair who jumps up and bites your face.

Buddybod Camping

Buddybod gmbh ($3.99)

A social networking app using the Buddybod system. Log in with your Buddybod login and you can virtually meet your vague online acquaintances in a virtual campsite to chat like you would at a real campsite. Includes realistic shite weather, broken tents, seedy single guy that no-one knows, piles of rubbish, closed campsite shop and a creepy girl with long hair that jumps up and bites your face.

Note: Buddybod have recently filed for bankruptcy.


Poopsoft Interact LLC ($0.99)

An interactive toilet simulator, experience what it is like to have a poo in a wide variety of different bathrooms (three). Use the trigger button to time your pushes to pass a large stool. Use the same trigger button to flush it away. Operate the toilet roll to wipe. Look up to see the creepy girl with long hair jump up and bite your face.

U2 in Uranus

Bisland Recordings Ltd ($5.60)

U2, always ahead of the curve, released this virtual concert simulator in space. Experience the full effect of being at the front row of a U2 concert in front of Bono. Zoom in on his grinning face, examine each nasal hair. Watch as he gyrates his crotch in your actual eyes. Turn around to see the crowd, they are all middle aged women from Seattle. Except the creepy girl who jumps up and bites your face.

Only one song is included so far, but more are promised when Bono finishes trying to save the planet.

A Maze (in G)

Tarquin Underbelt (Free)

Explore a virtual maze, find the exit, then explore it again. Maze is dynamically generated each time you play. Only one corridor type is included so far and it’s quite short (About 20 metres). Randomly a creepy girl jumps up and bites your face. More corridors are planned but development is on hold until the developer has finished his homework and written a thank you letter to his granny for the socks he got for his birthday like his mother has told him five times already he’s never off that bloody computer I wish he’d do sports like his brother not sitting on that bloody computer all night I hope he’s not looking at bad things on there…


Faragewerks ($0.99)

Play as the xenophobe you are and pilot an experimental space fighter and shoot down incoming ships carrying illegal immigrants. A subgame involves you compiling headlines for the Daily Mail to warn about the dangers of letting them into this country. Three levels with more promised in 2013 including creepy foreign girl with long hair who pops up and bites your face while smelling like garlic, because they all do don’t they?

I’ll recommend more apps in the future if I remember that this thing is in the back of the cupboard before it’s eaten by moths.

A Google Cardboard in the wild

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