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To have a friend in God

Many people have said that to be truely happy you need to have God as a friend. That everything else will leave you feeling empty and unfullfilled.

Because of this I have taken a decision. One that may change my life and the lives of others for the better.

Yesterday I had a revelation. It came to me in a time of need. A time when I’ve felt uncertain over when my path leads in life. What will become of me in the future when I have aged. I had let a bit of a beard grow over the past few weeks. Seeing if it amongst other things would change my mood and attitude. I t didn’t. At times it would look good. I would stand and look in the mirror letting the light fall on it in various ways. Sometimes I would look charming, othertimes distinguished, othertimes Dangerous To Know… which was what I liked best. But this was folly. Most times the beard just made me look like I didn’t care much for myself. And around the chin and on my upper lip the signs of youth were still present. The hair little more than fluff sparse and made me look foolish.

Ultimately I also had to contend with the disparaging jokes of friends which held little other than riducule. So last night I went into the bathroom with the intend of shaving off the beard. I decided to trim it a little at a time. I trimmed the moustache. Making it thinner. This seemed to improve the look and removed the suggestion that I had in fact sneezed the hair out of my nostrils like some freakish snot of hair phenomenon that you may read about in the Weekly World News or some similar publication. Still the middle of my chin looked strange and bare due to my inadaquate male hormones. So I took the razor and slowly removed what little hair there was on my chin leaving the thick section under my bottom lip. I had previously (as is my wont) removed much of the hair from my neck and underside of my chin and from the sides of my cheeks to give a more sophisticated look, so there was little to be removed from my chin other than what lay on the front and curve. This left long sideboard sections lining my jawline that turned up before my chin to connect with the now thinner moustache….

…which made me look like Holger Czukay of Can. Without a doubt one of the coolest guys who ever lived. Right now it made me look a little foolish. Naive eccentricity, however with some more years on me and a more recceeding hairline (akin to that of the aforementioned Mr Czukay) It would look quite good on me. this have given me a look for my future years… when the hair upon my head has thinned and receeded along my scalp I can replace it with this new discovery. This new beard.

This revelation has given me new vitality. No longer does the future seem so bleak and unknown. I can relax in knowing I will at least have a look that will perhaps help to see I have chicks and respect in this new unknown.

Today I was given another revelation. In the pages of this dear, dear site I found the words of another writing. Saying that having God as a friend helps to bring happiness and contentment. And because of this. I have made the decision to call my first child God. therefore making it that little bit easier for the childen of the future of this crazy world to find happiness and contentment for he will have many many friends if his dad looks like Holger Czukay.

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