The Rough-Shod Rambler

I do believe that a lot of problems in the world today are caused by people, discontent with the world around them, trying to change the world to suit their own ideals rather than trying to change their ideals to suit the world.

A conformist attitude? Only when you think about this in a political mindset.

You don’t like the idea of gays. You don’t like the idea of them, behind closed doors having passionate man-sex. So what do you do? Do you a) Try to come to terms with it? See the situation from a holistic view and weight it against other things and learn to accept lifestyles you don’t fully comprehend? or do you b) Raise your voice in protest against the evils of sodomy and turn a blind eye to gay-bar nailbombers content in the knowledge that the only good pervert is a dead pervert?

Sometimes it’s easier for people to try to change the world to suit their mindset that thinking that perhaps their mindset is what needs changed. No-one wants to admit they have a problem. Especially if they feel up against it. Human beings are still animals. Despite our attempts to distance ourselves from it these animal instincts flow out constantly, unchecked and often ignored. In order to understand the animal within you need to accept the animal within.

No-one wants to be a victim, this often makes people defensive. As part of the animal instinct is the instinct to prey on the vulnerable. This doesn’t so much emerge physically as socially. Of course drunken hooligans will still have the urge to jump the little guy gleefully but socially the mob will jump on those that reflect and relent. No-one wants to admit their mistakes, to admit they are wrong. Society says we should respect and regard those that admit their mistakes but the animal within means the reality is the mob. So often it’s easier to cover mistakes. Stick to outmoded ideals, or to just not even admit to ourselves that there might be anything even remotely wrong with what we think. Doubt leads to hesitation and the mob will pick up on this.

What is the solution? Admit the animal and understand it? Give into the animal? Either are options. As is carrying on denying the animal within. Which will lead to either of the first two options anyway, with less control and less awareness.

Maybe what we need to do is breed a culture where people feel they can safely admit their mistakes and not fear mobs smelling weakness. To breed out the insecurity that causes this. for society to finally decide if we are an all encompassing loving accepting culture or a tribe driven by survival of the fittest. Culture says the former, instinct says the latter. And we can’t deal with the instincts until we, as a race, admit we still have them.

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