The Ever Circling Skeletal Family

I sometimes have these period of intolerance and unnecessary anger. I think it usually stems from periods of stress. Currently job-hunting myakes me stressful. I’m being picky. Some might say I can’t afford to be picky job-wise. Personally I’m thinking I can’t afford to not be picky. I’ve had too many bad jobs. However I mostly searching for work I’m not qualified/experienced for.

As you can imagine it’s frustrating.

I find I enter these periods when I feel at odds with the rest of the world. I see hostility and persecution where none exists and react accordingly. Sometimes I take it out on others, most of them don’t deserve it. Some do, however it’s hard to work out which is which.

My usual solution in these situations is to retract myself somewhat from the world but as I’m in a relationship this would but stress on someone else who doesn’t deserve it (she’s already had to put up with enough crap from me). Plus it’s not going to help me get that job.

So it’s sorry for me being short with people, or worse, being artificially cheery. I seem to have problems reaching a happy medium. Currently I’m in a the sort of mood where I want to punch people and smash things. It’s not pleasant and I’d rather not inflict it on others.

So instead I’m going to listen to some Swans and clean up the broken crockery and blood pools before my girlfriend gets home from work.

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