The abominal freaky woman thing

Christ! Women are getting scary. The one that was just at the door looked like Catwoman hit middle age just come back from Mallorca after two weeks and still popping the pills who decided to treat herself to a shot of botox and a peroxide treatment prior to taking up this job pushing catalogues door to door.

And the smell… god was I glad to get that door closed. I almost wanted to call some government enviromental cleanup squad. Tell them there is a hazardous chemical spill walking around in a mass of black polyester, vinyl and feathers.

Honestly, perfume should be a hint of a scent, not something that hits you in the face like a dead badger. Why do they never understand this? And few women can pull of the ‘smoudering’ look. Most just look heavily sedated (some even salivate uncontrollably… which is not attractive girls. Seriously.).

Oh and I could understand those women who tried to adopt the Jennifer Aniston look. she’s an attractive woman… to an extent, though few could pull of the hair… and David Bowie shouldn’t have tried. But why women want to adopt the ‘Kat From Eastenders’-look I’ve no idea. It’s really a dead end path in life, and doesn’t impress anyone except Kat in Eastenders.

Honestly, Absolutely Fabulous is supposed to be a satire. Do some women miss this, go to a cheap beauty salon and say “Yes, make me look like Patsy”? Uggh!

I feel like I’ve been violated in some way and it’s not pleasant. Really, leave the foxes alone you country folk… this is what you should be hunting. It’s a mercy killing, really. Like an ostrich; all those feathers but it’s never going to fly. Except back to Spain on EasyJet and it’ll have to get tanked up on Liebfraumilch beforehand.

I need a bath again, it almost touched me.

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