Taking on Timbaland (updated)

update (24th Jan): Since I posted I’ve discovered the original Finnish demo-scene artist Tempest has responded and claimed he’s been consulting with a law firm since September. His site is at http://www.fairlight.fi/tempest/ and is the only official source for this growing controversy. Ad yes, I don’t need it pointed out to me the irony of someone complaining about being ripped off while using a Fairlight sub-domain to do it on…

Also it was only a matter of time before SlashDot picked up on it.

There is now a page on Wikipedia documenting the controversy.


This is an interesting piece of Flash action.

The basic gist is that a Finnish demoscene composer going by the moniker Tempest made a track called “Acidjazzed Evening” for a demoscene party in 2000. It did reasonably well.

In 2005, shit-hot contemporary music producer and “artist” Timbaland released it as an “original” commercial ringtone called Block Party (There is another original name…). Last year he used it again as the backing track to the Nelly Furtado “hit” Do it.

How much in the way of royalties do you think Tempest has seen from these million dollar earners?

That’s right. Fuck all.

How quick do you think the RIAA would be to sue people who shared this example of Timbaland’s “intellectual property” online?

Side by side comparison videos are available on the timbalandrips profile on YouTube.

This story has also been Dugg. However it needs as much exposure as possible. “Professional” producers using demo-scene tracks to lazily bang out million dollar hits while paying no royalties is starting to become more and more common and in this day and age of big record companies banging in about the theft of their intellectual copyright, this hypocrisy needs highlighting.

Thanks for your time.

goes to rap over some 4-MAT for his new album.

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