A Nightmare in Elm Street 9: A Space Nightmare


For countless generations (nobody has tried to count them but it’s theorised there could be as many as two) There has been a long held truth that goes like this, any horror movie series that goes on long enough without a reboot will eventually end up in space. For years this has been disparaged by experts due to the one notable exception: Freddy never went into space.

Well the horror movie history world has been turned on its head this week when a lost script was found lining a pensioners cat litter tray in Scunthorpe.

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Street Battles 2: The Can Opener

I’ve had this great idea for a film. Picture this; Gollum, from The Hobbit and that, buys up the remainder of the Keystone cops organisation from some auction or something, probably using money he made selling antiques. He then builds the Cops up again using young bullies and the more bitter class of nerds off the street, gives them access to all this ridiculous modern technology and basically turns them into a paramilitary group to serve his own selfish need to acquire shit that he can sit and fondle in the dark.

With me?

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Ireland Facts

people on top of the coastal mountain

Post-boxes in Ireland are merely ornamental. Ireland has no working postal service. The residents corrispond with each other via columns in the local newspaper, bills for services are taken at the local pubs in the form of drinks and parcels are delivered by an old man called Shaun who has a horse and cart. The … Read more


From: annoying.twat@morons.com To: all@everywhere.com cc: bill@microsoft.com; steve@apple.com; richard@virgin.com; elton@john.com; uc.wh@timat.com Subject: Fwd: INTERNATIONAL STOP-THE-MADNESS DAY Date: Mon, 19 Sep 2007 09:45:16 -0000 —– Original Message —– INTERNATIONAL STOP-THE-MADNESS DAY To help bring about world peace and an end to hunger, death and disease, for one day a year the people of the world will refrain … Read more

A Prayer for Peace

“Please forward this too all your friends on livejournal, myspace etc. The more people we can get to pray then the more likely it is to work. You must believe…” etc. Oh Lord…. He’s had his three score and ten, I think now it’s time to, take Ian Paisley, up into your loving arms. Stroke … Read more


On Thursday my medication ran out. I never meant for that to happen, but with a combination of me working a few extra hours and the whole stress surrounding Cliffords funeral I completely forgot to get a reknewal. Now I’m suffering through the weekend from hell.

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Sign UR m8’s Up 4 Spam, Today!


Free iPod!!*

Yes. This is not a scam!

All you have to do is sign as many of your friends and family as you can up for free spam.

This spam is 100% free!!! All you have to pay for is the bandwidth to download it. THAT’s ALL!!!!

Unbelievable!?!?! But true!

Don’t just take my word for it. Look at these legitimate testimonies:

“It’s free. Totally. I couldn’t believe it!” – My wife

“Amazing! I signed up for this spam and it came. It’s true. I’ve got all my friends free spam.” – Some guy I work with

“It’s a sure thing” – the guy from the Just for Men™ ads

“I got all my friends spam this way. It really works!!!” – Some kid I met in a chatroom that I hope to meet for sex at some point.

“It’s gr8.” – The retarded kid that washes my car

How can you get your free spam today? Easy. Just fill in the simple form and free spam will be sent to you almost instantly.

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Solving the problem of the “mentally ill”

Recently the government has voiced plans to get the majority of those claiming Incapacity Benefit back to work. Many of these people claim to be suffering from so-called “mental illnesses” that can’t be readily explained or proven by many GPs, employee health advisers, shop stewards or canteen staff. It is largely assumed by all Right … Read more

Nigel Dodds threatened with extinction

[http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/northern_ireland/2955313.stm] This is absolutely despicable behaviour by people with no decency or honour or sense of respect or compassion. Fascist scumbags with their own agenda and a dedication to their own sick warped ideals. Trying to brutally kill or injure or scare this poor hard working loyalist man just because he’s not quite as far … Read more