It’s that time again…

…when Peter finds out many of the email, address, IM and phone entries he has in his address book are out of date and puts out a request for folks to send him updated contact details. Send a vcard or something to the usual email address or leave a comment. Comments are screened for your … Read more


I’ll be back in County Antrim again from tonight (Monday) until Wednesday morning, if anyone wants to do anything… or anything. Though the way I’ve been ignored on messenger, IRC and email since I came down here I seriously doubt it. I can’t imagine it’s all down to bad routing… Sorry, but being without net … Read more

Irish Broadband Providers

Can anyone recommend any Irish broadband services? In lieu of any decent knowledge and with a lack of time for consideration Eircom seem like the best choice from the wide range of one that we’ve looked at. However I feel that others might have slightly more experience of Mexican Irish broadband.

Public Notice

From this moment on all non-relevant generic email forwards sent to me by friends, colleagues, associates will be treated as spam. This means they will be copied to my junk folder which is regularly scanned by Spam Assassin and will probably lead to all future email from that address being marked as spam and deleted … Read more

Second Life

I know this’ll probably get me branded as a sad wanker/spide/bandwagon-jumper, but I though considering all the hype I’d give Second Life a go to see what the fuss is. My own personal jury is still out (you know how they like to take their time and debate things over a chinese and a game … Read more

I need an AT PSU

Has anyone got an old, but working, AT PSU lying about they don’t need? I found an old AT motherboard and case in my junk that I’m planning to recycle for… well, I’m sure I’ll find a reason. Case has no PSU though. Been installing Win98 on another old machine. I’d forgotten that Win 98 … Read more


Ok, everyone hates MySpace. We all know it sucks and is one of the most loathsome places online. But be honest… how many of you actually have one? I’ve been surprised by how many people I know that have one. Even those that have gone on about such a wretched place it is. Hypocrits :)

I need a new camera

My ancient brick-like digital camera is now as dead as a do-do. What with various other necessities in my life I can’t afford to buy anything to replace it other than some cheap no-brand peice of crap. Before I do has anyone got a reasonable entry level digital camera lying around they don’t want anymore … Read more