Learning to Code

Something that has been on my New Years Resolutions list for about three years running has been “Learn a programming language.”. I’m actually trying to get round to it now, half way through the third year. I’m just not totally sure what language to learn. when it comes down to it I’d like to learn … Read more

May Day gathering

Just an update on this. We are having a small gettogether at home for may day. I sent out a load of emails a few weeks back, and Pirita mailed off some hand-made cards. I’ve since had surprisingly few responses so either people are amazingly rude, or the contact details I have are out of … Read more


Looks like Pirita and myself will have an overnight stay in London. Anyone in the city want to volunteer to put us up for the night on the 17th of this month? “us” of course means Pirita, me, cat and dog. We don’t think, considering how paranoid airport security are in the UK at the … Read more

Possible May Day party

Here in Finland May Day (Vappu) is a major annual holiday celebrated by just about everyone. This year Pirita will miss it as she will be in Northern Ireland by then. It was my plan to perhaps organise something for that day, maybe a gettogether or something. Anyone interested or have any suggestions? Anyone got … Read more