Letter to Yahoo!

Dear Yahoo! I’m trying to sign up for a yahoo account.. I don’t want to. In fact I used to have one and got rid of it because I fucking hate your system, however your recent acquisition of Flickr has forced me to, otherwise I can no longer access my account. However I live in … Read more

http://www.thenewfreedom.net/wp/2007/10/19/tv-linkscouk-raided-owner-arrested/ Seems to be a huge scale international operation by the police to bring to heel some geeks posting on-line clips of TV shows… So is this why if you are mugged or attacked in your home you can’t get the police to come for two hours because they are helping FACT persecuite geeks? Sorry … Read more

It’s that time again…

…when Peter finds out many of the email, address, IM and phone entries he has in his address book are out of date and puts out a request for folks to send him updated contact details. Send a vcard or something to the usual email address or leave a comment. Comments are screened for your … Read more


I’ll be back in County Antrim again from tonight (Monday) until Wednesday morning, if anyone wants to do anything… or anything. Though the way I’ve been ignored on messenger, IRC and email since I came down here I seriously doubt it. I can’t imagine it’s all down to bad routing… Sorry, but being without net … Read more


From: annoying.twat@morons.com To: all@everywhere.com cc: bill@microsoft.com; steve@apple.com; richard@virgin.com; elton@john.com; uc.wh@timat.com Subject: Fwd: INTERNATIONAL STOP-THE-MADNESS DAY Date: Mon, 19 Sep 2007 09:45:16 -0000 —– Original Message —– INTERNATIONAL STOP-THE-MADNESS DAY To help bring about world peace and an end to hunger, death and disease, for one day a year the people of the world will refrain … Read more

Public Notice

From this moment on all non-relevant generic email forwards sent to me by friends, colleagues, associates will be treated as spam. This means they will be copied to my junk folder which is regularly scanned by Spam Assassin and will probably lead to all future email from that address being marked as spam and deleted … Read more

A Nation of Dog Lovers… my arse!

If you own your own home; fine. Keep a dog there. Love your dog. Have many dogs. Love them. Have them on the furniture. Let them eat the post. Renting? Forget it. Landlords don’t want dogs leaving hair and smells and scuffing their hard-wood floors. This means if you are a student or temping or… … Read more

Remaking the same old mistakes…

Dear god… didn’t I quit using Windows because of this crap? Well, I guess it is a major system component but still, how long before Gnome wants me to restart because it’s just updated Grip… or Tomboy Notes? STOP. THE. MADNESS! WON’T. SOMEONE. PLEASE THINK. OF. THE. CHILDREN?