Creating new pixel flats

Another issue when revamping the houses of Daggerfall is the limited clutter. We are used to clutter in Triple-A games, rubbish, detritus, object d’art… but Daggerfall was from a former era. PCs were limited. Everything non-essential added bloat that PCs of the time couldn’t cope with. Also, with a game Daggerfall’s size there was only so much they could add. So peoples diets were limited to meat, fish and bread with some basic fruit. They drank only out of goblets and are off bare tables. As part of the enrichment I plan to add I want to give them more luxury. Tankards, mugs, plates etc. Some of this has been covered by the Daggerfall Expanded Textures mod, but I want more and rather than hectoring the creators of that mod for more minutiae I though I should try my hand at doing some myself.

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