The Man

Yesterday evening I was out weeding the path behind my house. Some kids were up to mischief in the field behind. A couple ran past me, not realising I was there as a witness to their possible planned scally-like behaviour. As they grouped with their friends I overheard one refer to me as “The Man”. … Read more

A Return to Sanity

Despite being informed that my new broadband account would go live on 20th I discovered to my suprise that it was active today. Sadly I also discovered that router wasn’t active today, and has apparently infact died. I’ve rigged up a stopgap solution involving multiple network cards but as you can imagine (if you are … Read more

Other Sites Of Interest

After having a long run on MySpace of having loads of freaks, spammers and muppets wanting to be my “friend” and having to politely decline I’m going to try again to consolidate my real “friends”. I’m also present on the following “social networking” sites. Feel free to add me to your friends/buddies/associates/minions list. Though I … Read more

meme #562: LJ Interests

LJ Interests meme results bill leeb:Sometimes I wake at night in a sweat; the thought of Bill on my mind, on my body, on my breath and in my ears… inside me. Loving me. Caring for me… oh wait, no that’s something else entirely… I hope. There is just something about Bills workmanlike music that … Read more

Summer costs!

Due to my ongoing financial incapacity I’m struggling with my plans I had for summer: In June I wanted to go camping a bit, perhaps back to Kinnego Bay in Donegal. This still might be doable as other than padzor‘s petrol costs it’s relatively cheap. The lovely dwarfed_plant will visit and I’d like to have … Read more

Helpful… really…

Why is it when I’m really depressed people somehow think it’s helpful to inform of the reasons why I shouldn’t be? no, i’m well aware that I shouldn’t be depressed and there is great things in the world etc… I just can’t fucking enjoy them and all you’ve done is pointed that fact out to … Read more