The Man

Yesterday evening I was out weeding the path behind my house. Some kids were up to mischief in the field behind. A couple ran past me, not realising I was there as a witness to their possible planned scally-like behaviour. As they grouped with their friends I overheard one refer to me as “The Man”. … Read more

and now the bad news…

PRAEst76’s Nohari Window Be easy on me, or not… whatever the case may be. (Don’t forget about: PRAEst76’s Johari Window) Arena (known to self and others) glum, withdrawn, unhappy Blind Spot (known only to others) timid, insecure, lethargic, embarrassed, panicky, passive Façade (known only to self) cynical, needy, impatient Unknown (known to nobody) incompetent, intolerant, … Read more

Wrong Day

Ughh. I woke up in the wrong world today I think. I’m not sure when I entered it. Perhaps the result of a bad dream. Not a nightmare you understand, just one of those dreams that just don’t…. feel… right… I was living on the ceiling of a caravan. On the inside of the ceiling. … Read more

New Years Resolutions

Haven’t bothered with this crap for years but I’ve decided this year I need to make more lists of what I intend or don’t intend to do. It’s the only way I’ll remember. Trust some people a bit better Don’t bid on any ebay auctions from the US, or at least not those that don’t … Read more

Criminal Behaviour

I’ve been told it should be a crime to be depressed at Christmas. I do believe that the person who told me this actually intended for it to be somewhat helpful. Personally I can’t see how. It makes me feel worse. Much much worse. I don’t see how it’s different from telling someone who is … Read more

Full House again

My mother has only been living with me again for a few days now and she’s already driving me up the wall. The paranoia has returned; was that really a bottle of Lucozade she was drinking or did it have something else hidden in it? I dunno. I never know. I always suspect her of … Read more

Again again and again

Ok, I’m promise… and this time I mean it… I’m never ever going to do or plan anything ever again. Or at least anything that involves other people, especially other people I need to rely on. It’s a waste of time and only leads to dissapointment. I don’t rank high enough on anyones list of … Read more

I’m a Stupid Bastard, part 2469b

Note to self: when you are buying CDs on ebay ALWAYS ask for a quote on shipping before I bid, otherwise when the item goes for the lowest bid the bastards can’t rob me on a the shipping to recoup.

It goes on, and yes I know this is the *second* time now. I hope I’ve learnt my lesson this time and won’t trust people to be sensible and respectful, but I got put off by the fact that I’ve had a good run where the sellers have all been professional and respectible and it lured me into a false sense of trust.

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Cheese etc.

I had an interesting experience yesterday. I needed cash for my ritualistic Saturday evening chinese so I popped to Tesco to use their ATM. Usually I would have gone to the local Supervalu but their local ATM has been teprimental of late and it’s a depressing place to go to for nothing. So I’ve found … Read more