Oh lord! My hair..

We had a journalist interview us at the knitting club a few weeks back. She seemed interested in the fact that I was male. “A man being unafraid and standing up for his right to do things that make him seem gay, despite the fact he’ll be laughed at and possibly beaten! Good for you! … Read more

Painful Boredom

I’m an anti-social guy in a foreign country full of anti-social people and I’m going through my traditional early year gloom. I’m rapidly losing touch with my life and the people that used to be in it. Purging the hangers-on from my life has shown me that I had a lost less people in it … Read more

Second Life

I know this’ll probably get me branded as a sad wanker/spide/bandwagon-jumper, but I though considering all the hype I’d give Second Life a go to see what the fuss is. My own personal jury is still out (you know how they like to take their time and debate things over a chinese and a game … Read more


Pish. My remote linux box has died and xmas abroad has killed me financially. Trying to talk family members through fixing it… or even finding out what is wrong, is impossible. Be nice if things would just work for once. Life always seems to be about hitting things with a hammer and hoping that it’ll … Read more

Why so glum, chum?

Sometimes you stop an ask yourself “Why do I bother.” Then later you ask others and all they do is shrug and move on. But you can’t. Because it bothers you. Why do you keep moving if you apparently aren’t going anywhere worthwhile. And why does everyone else? They aren’t stopping. They keep going, despite … Read more

Up The Arse…

Right, I’ve had a bad week and it’s only tuesday. There’s been a general increase in me saying and doing dumb stuff for bloody ages now and it’s all coming back on me like a big pile of runny poo. So I’ve decided to go and live in a dirty old upturned bucket under the … Read more


This is the first Christmas period in my life where I actually lost weight. 3kg. I’m now below the 70kg mark for the first time since that week I spent my overtime on PC parts rather than food and passed out in the kitchen. Some women I know are starting to become jealous of my … Read more