Landlord update

So here was the situation with the former landlord: He returned our deposit minus €260 rent he claims we still owe him. Pirita has sat down with her bank statements and looked at all the rent she’s paid since we took the place. It’s all there. We owe him nothing. He’s an idiot. He still … Read more

Ireland Facts

people on top of the coastal mountain

Post-boxes in Ireland are merely ornamental. Ireland has no working postal service. The residents corrispond with each other via columns in the local newspaper, bills for services are taken at the local pubs in the form of drinks and parcels are delivered by an old man called Shaun who has a horse and cart. The … Read more

Athlone: up the road a bit from hell?

…possibly. Maybe not, but right now me and Athlone… we ain’t vibin’. Jobs Prior to coming down here I had claimed jobseekers allowance. Ending up on the dole right before a major planned move isn’t a good situation but circumstances were somewhat out of my hands. Since coming down here all job leads have fizzled … Read more