Update: irc://irc.oftc.net#mummery

Reminder: No-one interested in IRC these days then? I set this up because some people seemed interested and as usual when I make the effort no-one else can be bothered. Most unified messengers can do IRC these days… you’re telling me you’d rather chat to the losers on MySpace than to idle with my mates? … Read more

Chion by Darryl Sloan

My Portadown based acquaintance, Mr Darryl Sloan has just published his second novel, CHION. It is now available to purchase from his web for £3.99 plus postage. More info at: www.darrylsloan.com.

IM notice

To all those “friends” of mine who are pissed off by the fact that I never instant message them: 90% of the people I know on IM and 100% of those who have seemed upset by my ignoring them are marked as N/A, Busy, Away or invisible. Why would I message someone who has claimed … Read more

Heads-up: wildwanilla.com

Pirita now has a website that her lovely boyfriend used all his mouse clicking skill to register for her (kudos again to those lovely geeks at BlackCatNetworks.co.uk) It’s not a sexcam site. Still trying to find a Wild Wanilla logo that doesn’t make it look like it is. Currently I’m trying to track down and … Read more

How-to: Re-encode mp3 on the console keeping id3v2 tags

I dunno. To elaborate: As many of you will be aware if you’ve been paying attention, I’m currently living in Finland. Due to my geekish nature I’m using a computer that’s 1500+ miles away. Due to BT‘s nature I’m getting a mere fraction of my possible broadband capability. This has meant I’ve been forced to … Read more

Gizmondos at comet

Just a quick heads-up for any of you folk that were interested in a Gizmondo. According to some of the regulars on Gizmondo Forums any branch of Comet in the UK (do we even have Comet in NI anymore..?) should be able to still source a Giz with product code 290254. It’s not featured on … Read more

Updating Address book

So it’s that time of year again, people have got new phones and changed home/email addresses and numbers etc. Some have given me the new ones, others have assumed Ill be able to download the information somehow from their minds. Anyway, I’ve also got myself an funky Otaku hacked