Letter to Yahoo!

Dear Yahoo! I’m trying to sign up for a yahoo account.. I don’t want to. In fact I used to have one and got rid of it because I fucking hate your system, however your recent acquisition of Flickr has forced me to, otherwise I can no longer access my account. However I live in … Read more


hey, your photo stood out to me, so i decided to take a look at your profile and well, i liked what I saw.. ;p they call me Bridget! i’m 26 yrs old, from Cutlerville, Michigan. I love travelling, and do so whenever I get the chance to work oversees, especially all over europe! anyways … Read more

Lovefilm corrispondence

Dear LOVEpeoPLE. I signed up for your two weeks free trial on the 8th January. I’m happy with the service so far but received an email from you this morning (15/01/2005 06:40) offering me a reduced rate on my first month for £10 instead of £14.99. It also claimed this expired on 15/01/2005 (-6:40 hours … Read more