Angst: Internet Explorer

I’m convinced Steve Ballmer uses Opera. Picture this. Steve Ballmer sitting at his desk. Fat neck. Ill fitting suit; He’s a bully and his tailor won’t argue with his insistance that he’s got a 38″ chest. He’s drinking a latte and browsing the web with his copy of Opera. He clicks on a link to … Read more

Angst (formerly Frustrations)

What with being a sensitive child, I tend to get annoyed easily. Especially when I have my seasonal hormonal imbalances brought about by psychosomatic menstrual issues related to unresolved feminine relationship anxieties™… and even though I generally get annoyed by other people’s lists of petty frustrations I feel the burning need to list my own right now. I may update this list periodically if I feel inclined. Or delete it should I become embarrassed by my lack of restraint and shameful displays of petty intolerance:

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