Summer costs!

Due to my ongoing financial incapacity I’m struggling with my plans I had for summer:

  • In June I wanted to go camping a bit, perhaps back to Kinnego Bay in Donegal. This still might be doable as other than padzor‘s petrol costs it’s relatively cheap.
  • The lovely dwarfed_plant will visit and I’d like to have wined and dined her. Now it looks like it’ll be a box of Black Tower and gravy-chips on a blanket next to the football pitch. Hope she brings her anti-histamines and anti-spide spray.
  • I also planned to go to GDH’s wedding “on the mainland” but I can’t afford that either. At least he’s marrying the lovely Janie and not an ogre that will trap him under the big giant thumb and I’ll never see him again. Though I might not see him again if he never forgives me for forsaking his romance for my own.
  • In July I wanted to go to Finland to return-visit my sweetheart dwarfed_plant and try to get a license to hunt Moomins if the season is open, but alas I might not be able to afford any of that.
  • In August I planned to go to London to see that other person dear to my heart, Bill Leeb. As FLA are playing the Scala, or was it the Astoria? I don’t know. I can’t remember. It doesn’t matter as I can’t afford to go to that either. He’ll probably not show up anyway. Damn you Bill Leeb!
  • In September I plan to go to the Electric Picnic Festival again. I can’t really afford it but Rooboy has already bought me a ticket and will break my legs if I don’t pay him back. Hell it’s good enough reason and the lineup is RAR! Top zustand! A++. I’ll just have to sell that other kidney.
  • Maybe a lung as well if he (or someone else) comes up with another Gizmondo for me too. Is it so bad that a boy wants toys?
  • I also wanted to move into Belfast at some point soon. Grrr. Sometimes I think I’m going to be trapped in Lisburn… 4 EVA!

Who need the kwik-e-mart? I do.

Anyone want to offer me a decent job before I go back to production-line hell and/or become suicidal? I’ll do anything that doesn’t require me being nice to people while I’m doing it.

Something to say?