Special Offer

Officially Unnofficial Throbbing Gristle DVD recording session stick puppet recreation.

Following serious email interest from a couple of people since my post on the grief list on the subject I should elaborate on my TGDVD recording session stick-puppet theatre video offer:

This video will feature the FULL TGDVD session as it appears on the bootleg mp3s I downloaded and the full concert film played out imaginitively by myself using handmade paper-dollies of the band mounted on lolly-pop sticks, augmented by choice FX from some old BBC Radiophonic Workshop LPs. This will be filmed in traditional SVHS handicam format lovingly distorted by bad focus and over-caffinated operation. The video itself will come specially wrapped in black dyed surgical stocking with the TG logo hand-drawn on it in red crayon, this will be contained in an old seventies style ladies shopping bag bought in the local branch of WarOnWant (the style of the individual bags may differ according to supply) along with a certificate of ownership and five glossy printed cards showing screenshots of random websites about riverside wildlife. Each package will be individually numbered from 1 to… whatever number it goes up to.

Each set will be hand-crafted to order and may contain individual quirks that will add unique charm to this special piece of historical importance.

I’m offering this video free of charge to all of those who wanted to see TG over the past year but couldn’t because they wanted to wait to see if anyone else they knew was going or for their tax rebate to come through. There will be a modest administration/handling charge of £400 payable in used notes in a brown paper bag left in the back-seat of an abandoned Ford Fiesta beside the line coming into Norwich train station. Please remember to leave your address and phone number along with the names of your children and what school they go to.

This is a once in a lifetime offer (unless it comes up again later).

Look out for my forthcoming Genesis P-Orridge paperdoll. Recreate Genesis P-Orridge in the comfort of your own home (or somebody elses). The first in my Put Some Bloody Clothes On! series of paperdolls for shameless exhibitionists with poor taste.

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