Sparks back catalogue to be played in London×21/

Ambitious and annoying as I won’t be able to make it for any shows, but it would be nice to be an unemployed, rich and bored Sparks fan in London next May and June as the veteran pop band will be promoting their new, as yet untitled, 21st album by not only performing it live, but performing each of their previous 20 albums live in full on consecuitive nights up to that date. £20 a show or £350 for the lot, the lot probably being only of interest to the truely hardcore fans (yes, I probably would if I could afford it) but there is at least one for everyone, and they will do plagiarism which is the closest thing to a proper official “best of” they ever did. Not sure if Faith No More, Erasure and Jimmy Summerville will show up for that gig but you never know. Sparks are influential and talented to pull it off.

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