Shutdown Day

Can you survive for a day without your computer, mp3 player, TV, cellphone, or indeed any technology?

Why not try it on the 3rd of May and see.

This is what the organisers of the second annual Shutdown Day are advocating. For one day people should shut down their computers and go outside, enjoy life. Regardless of the personal reason, whether it be social, enviromental, financial…

I think it’s a good idea, as many of us have become too reliant on technology and having a day a year when we spurn it should help give us some clarity on the effect computers and related tech have on our lives.

It’d be a nice day to spend with friends so it’s a shame I’m so far away from any, but it’s a nice idea. Organise a small party or something. Invite me. I won’t be able to come but it’d be nice anyway.

I’ll probably spend it reading in the sun. Unless it’s raining. In which case I’ll read in the rain… and drink tea.

Join me.

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