Query re: Fuckwittery

Can anyone tell me if it’s possible that there is some place, somewhere in this big old world that isn’t filled with low-brow fuckwits whose sole purpose in life seems to be to make it as difficult as possible for those around them?

Honestly, I get so pissed off by these twats all over Lisburn but everywhere else seems to have them too. I can’t seem to leave the house at the moment without some car-load of greasy oiks yelling abuse at me because I’m wearing jeans or have a beard or some other innocuous for of perceived freakery on my behalf. Then they’re playing a mobile rave on their car stereo so loud at 3am outside your house and requests for clemency are met with more monosyllabic abuse and violent threats.

The crisp summer mornings are glinting off the swathes of broken glass they laid down the night before…

Seriously, is there anywhere in the UK were this class of twattery doesn’t exist and isn’t in fact on the rise? Are there any towns where this standard of de-evolved moron isn’t apparently in the majority of the citizenry? These attention seeking muppets who, once they’ve actually garnered the attention they seem to desperately crave, then try and pick a fight with it? I mean, some of these people actually seem to want to go to jail they are so mindless in their violence. Or perhaps what they want is to test the system to see how much they can get away with before authority steps in. Which seems to be an embarrassingly large amount sometimes.

Yes, I’m angry and I know not everyone is like that but when these people are making their presence felt “normal” people vanish which gives anyone else around the illusion that the fuckwits are the majority.

I’m angry yes, I don’t understand these people. Not really. I don’t get why they live like this. I have never understood the attraction to being mindlessly loud and abusive and having no real goal in life other than to get as drunk/wasted as possible and push people around. To casually vandalise the area you live in. To look for things of beauty and then destroy them. To hang around outside chippies and car-parks sneering or drawing maximum attention to yourself by being loud and obnoxious and then glaring at passers by and uttering that well worn yobbo catch phrase of “What the fuck you looking at?”. Yet it’s seemingly becoming the main lifestyle choice for a generation. I’m also frightened as I’ve been on the end of abuse and threats by these people for so long now I’m thinking it’s only a matter of time before I’m seriously assaulted or even killed by them. Just because they are frustrated about something and want someone to take it out on.

Many a nice evening out has been ruined by the presence of morons who detest the idea of anyone else enjoying themselves. Especially in ways they they are too fucking moronic to enjoy or even understand. Part of the thing annoys me is this. That these people seem incapable of appreciating a lot of the most wonderful things in the world: nature (public parks vandalised, flower arrangements destroyed, and that time some yobs broke into the zoo and killed penguins… for a laugh or something.), historical buildings, literature (Do they read anything apart from The fucking Sun? Their girlfriend read the first chapter of Harry Potter.), good food (You see them at the local Chinese take-away ordering a “Curry chip, mate.” to eat in their car with a bottle of WKD.)… they list of things these people seem unable or unwilling to appreciate is practically endless.

Life is stressful enough without having it made more stressful by the idea that there are people in the world who would want to kill me or at least make my life miserable for no reason other than their own stress relief and empowerment. I get very paranoid about these things, but I’m always aware that these things do happen and are becoming more common. People get beaten up and killed all the time for no reason other than they were in the wrong place at the wrong time. The paranoia is justified.

There have always been these type of people around, it just seems that as mankind develops we are making more of them. Surely that is a sign that a lot of people are being left behind?

Enough philosophy. I’m not in a mood for it. I just want to feel safe. I don’t. I’m not sure anywhere is safe anymore, but there has to be some solution. Other than locking myself in a bunker or carrying a weapon and issuing pre-emptive strikes against any perceived threats. I think such thinking is more a part of the problem than the solution.

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