PRAEst76’s Fucked-up 80s Dance mix


side a-:
clickclick.yakutska /
blancmange.feelme /
chrisandcosey.rise /
kmfdm.itchybitchy /
skinnypuppy.addiction /
ministry.natureoflove /
front242.masterblaster /
nitzerebb.joininthechant /
theweathermen.takeitoff /
depechemode.arepeoplepeople //

side b-:
cabaretvoltaire.crackdown /
hesaid.pulling3gs /
portioncontrol.roughjustice /
petshopboys.onemorechance /
asplitsecond.scandanavianbellydance /
severedheads.haroldandcindyhospital / databanka.crackdreamover /
frontlineassembly.fallingthere /
300000vk.policijskihitny1984 /
psychictv.papalbreakdown //

total-: play

PRAEst76's fucked-up 80s dance mix

PRAEst76’s fucked-up 80s dance mix v0.9

Compilation compilated in July 2004 by Peregrin Randolph Analgesia of the 76th Estimation.
All tracks cut at 24kps/22mhz mono from various sources.
The copyright in these recordings is own by a horde of screaming monkeys that eat the faces of children.
“If a man wants to beat his own animal that’s his business”
Artwork: John Hicklenton (from Nemesis The Warlock Book IX). If Purity’s going down she’s not going alone.


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