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Warning, This page contains material that may be offensive to miners.*

Who cares, lemmie In!
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Get me outta here!

(*Steelworkers, coalworkers, plumbers, electritians, roofers, postal workers, childrens TV presenters, professional sportsmen (and women), farmers, Muslims, Islamics, Christians, Taoists, Capitalists, Moonies, Catholics, Ptotestants, Dissenters, members of the Orange order, Garvaghy Road residents, Americans, Russians, Russians with Fidonet feeds, Microsoft staff, Bill Gates, Apple staff, Steve Jobs, Bernard Bresslaw, Marilyn Manson, Charles Manson, White Supremesists, off-white supremisists, white pessemists, Bald people, fat people, bald fat people, women, men, androgymns, surviving members of Queen, Ex-beatles, Mac users, junkies, recovering junkies, old people, children, fat old junkie children who use Macs to listen to WMAs of ex-beatles performing really bad covers of Queen in the style of Marilyn Manson...)