PRAEst76 vs Yahoo?

Apparently, the National Union of Journalists is calling for a boycott of Yahoo. Despite my usual apathy the indifference in the world towards such things is starting to appal me to an extent I find I can no longer tolerate.


Problem is: If I quit using Yahoo and al it’s services then I’ll lose access to many of the mailing lists I’m on and my Flickr account… possibly other things… I can’t think of them right now. I’ve already flushed Microsoft from my system and despite not being vegan I rarely use any animal products. Neither have been difficult apart from the unwarranted derision of some so-called friends. However I am wondering where it stops. Where do I draw the line? Once I start boycotting one group because of their policies… Should I find reason to boycott Google next? Or McVities? Apparently I should be boycotting Nestle but I can’t find hard evidence to support the grievances people have.

That said, being indifferent seems to be the trend. Does it really matter than Yahoo hands over user information on dissidents to the Chinese government?

(I wrote so much more than this but LJ ate it.)

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