Peter’s Top 10 Android Apps

I’ve seen so many of these lists but found myself disagreeing with most of them. As an alternative to pointlessly shouting my objections and disagreements at the screen I’ve decided to be more constructive and post my own.

To those who are unaware of Android Apps or have been raised in a world where smartphones are purely Blackberrys and iPhones: Android is a *largely* open-source based operating system for mobile devices developed by Google and based on Linux. It is app based like the aforementioned alternatives but the app store, known as Android Market, and this is a list of those that I consider the best.

They may not be the best for everyone, they are merely those which I find the most interesting or useful. There may be better alternatives that I have not yet discovered. This list may change in time.

This is also a top ten, but they are in no particular order within the ten.


Currently my favourite app. Not much use on it’s own, but combined with an account on a Subsonic server becomes a streaming jukebox. As Subsonic server is easy to install and setup on a home PC this means you can effectively have your entire music collection with you (3G permitting).


Essentially PuTTY for Android, this is an ssh client. If you don’t know what that is then it probably won’t be very useful for you, but if you do then you’ll realise how invaluable this is and why it’s the first app most geeks will install on their Android phone.

Documents To Go

A proprietary office suite. The free version will view .doc and .xls, while the full version will view and edit .doc, .xls, pdf and .ppt. If you want to be ab le to create and/or read your various popular office formats while out and about then this is invaluable. There are free alternatives, but I haven’t found them so reliable or easy to use.

ES File Explorer

I originally downloaded this because at the time it was the only app on the market that could do SMB, but it’s also a damned fine general file explorer that will view text and images as well as open and create zip files. It will also act as an FTP client but doesn’t yet handle SFTP which keeps me from ditching the horribly unstable AndFTP.


Does exactly what it says on the blister pack; it turns your Android phone into a flashlight by painting the entire screen white and whacking the brightness up to the max. Simple and very effective. Other similar apps exist that add bells and whistles such as colours and effects but this is the basic app that merely produces light. It’s all I want.

Google Listen

A Google Labs app designed to sync up podcasts stored on your Google Reader account and play them back on your Android device. Does the job well with little fuss.


Ebook reader, mainly does epub. Has basic formatting abilities and a built in library that can search and download from Gutenberg and Feedbooks. Will save your place in a book.

Twidroid PRO

Android’s premier Twitter application. Now called Twidroyd, I first used it because of was the only app that did identi.can, but now its becaIm used to it. Other Twitter clients seem too basic; the equivalent of just using the website, or too feature heavy and cumbersome. Mobile Authenticator

If you play World of Warcraft or any other game and you don’t have one of their keyring authenticators then you NEED this. Stolen WoW accounts are a lucritive means of income for many unscrupuous individuals and this helps prevent your rogue getting pilfered by adding an extra level of authentication. You also get a free ingame pet. It’s also free. So there isn’t much excuse.

Gem Miner: Dig Deeper

The only game on the list. I find this incredibly addictive. From the makers of the highly rated and equally addictive Abduction, this is a more relaxing game. Have your little miner mine deeper and deeper into the ground in pursuit of gems and gold and other valuables. Use items purchased with your haul to streamline and enchance your mining abilities and help you avoid mine collapses, pitfalls and exhaustion. You can save and continue your mining at a later date.

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