Nigel Dodds threatened with extinction


This is absolutely despicable behaviour by people with no decency or honour or sense of respect or compassion. Fascist scumbags with their own agenda and a dedication to their own sick warped ideals. Trying to brutally kill or injure or scare this poor hard working loyalist man just because he’s not quite as far up the evolutionary ladder as the rest of us. This doesn’t make him any less of a man, nor should it cause such offense in these modern enlightened times as to require explosives to be used and he has as much right to live, and work, and talk bollocks, and be as contrary and foam and slabber and dribble from his distended oversized manible as anyone else in Belfast, and in particulaly those of us who can walk comfortably on only two hind legs. If anything his only crime is striking innocent bystanders while flailing his elongated limbs in a firey Sinn Fein/IRA -Pan-Nationalist-Front induced rage and maybe on those days he should be kept tranquillized, but never ever blown up.

Just think of all the money that would be demanded from the home office by his relatives in the event of his destruction in order to train a new one? That’s tax payers money, folks. Something to think about.

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