New Years Resolutions

Haven’t bothered with this crap for years but I’ve decided this year I need to make more lists of what I intend or don’t intend to do. It’s the only way I’ll remember.

  1. Trust some people a bit better
  2. Don’t bid on any ebay auctions from the US, or at least not those that don’t have clear international policy and accept paypal…
  3. …I must remember that those things I want will come up again and probably being sold by a super efficient german who will have it cheaper and in better condition.
  4. Get involved in a half-decent healthy relationship of some kind, preferably sexual.
  5. Finish things, and not by just rushing towards the first visible conclusion.
  6. Get over my fear of opticians and dentists and get myself sorted.
  7. Join a gym or something.
  8. Encourage my family to stand on their own feet as well so they’ll fuck off and leave me alone in my own space for the time I need (probably 4eva!)
  9. Find out who this Eva is that everyone does stuff for. She must be one hell of a gal.
  10. Stop worrying about stupid pointless crap.
  11. Do more stuff on my to-do list as the sense of accomplishment is always pleasant.
  12. Try to sort out whatever is wrong with my brain
  13. Be more positive about myself and a little more selfish in those times when I should be and a little less in those times… erm… otherwise.
  14. Stop snacking.
  15. Read more

I’m not going to insult myself by putting down “Find a worthwhile career.” as I’m not even close to believing in that yet and I’d just be insulting myself and diminishing the list by adding it.

Something to say?