My top ten favourite cult movies I haven’t seen.

Of all the great movies that have been made, this is my favourite list of top classic/cult movies I’ve never got around to watching, but will have an opinion on regardless otherwise people will insist I watch them and I honestly can’t be bothered.

So, in no particular order other than the one they are in…


Dystopian musical. The other film that launched Kevin Bacon’s career. He plays a female steelworker who fights fascism in a small US town by dancing and through doing so learns to love/walk/eat solids again.

Top Gun

Erotica. The film that launched Tom Cruise’s career (Legend doesn’t count apparently, even though it was the first film in which Tom Cruise played a character called Jack). In this film Tom plays someone who’s not called Jack who flies a plane and bonds in a non-sexual way with other men through their mutual ability to fly planes.

Godfather II

Family drama. The follow-up to the wildly successful Godfather I. Al Pacino and Robert de Niro play a gangster thus starting a difficult period in which they both had to fight being typecast. Possibly with tommy-guns.


Slapstick comedy. Angelina Jolie plays a girl who is also a hacker and faces prejudice in a world where such a thing is not accepted, and also being the daughter of Jon Voigt.


Childrens. Michael Caine fights African people in a time when people in the west dealt with problems in Africa by shooting people rather than getting lots of struggling musicians to sing songs together.


Existential drama. Wynona Ryder faces confusion in a world where everyone is called Heather for some reason.

It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World

Dark thriller. Unofficial film version of Wacky Races but without the name or any of the characters because they couldn’t afford the rights.


Satire. Based on a true story where Matthew Modine plays the writer of the Birdy Song and is sent to prison for his crime.


Romantic comedy. Ray Winstone plays a lovable man with learning difficulties who has a job cleaning the sludge from the turtle tank in his local aquarium. His simple wisdom helps bring a troubled family closer together.

Easy Rider

Sci-fi fantasy. Peter Fonda plays a space cowboy fighting against a parental regime in a star system where long hair is forbidden. Contains flashing lights.

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