Music Online

In this modern era there is much talk of making music available online without the shackles of the physical media. However this has posed problems: No money being made.

Making money from it… oh yes, that’s all they are interested in these so-called ‘Artists’. Well yes… because for some of them It’s that or back ot the office. For some entertainment is their job. Without such people taking such roles spociety would be considerably more intolerable than it already is.

So with that quibble out of the way how should money be made?

Cash tendered via paypal or some form, temp account set up with purchased files (as done by EG: for their recent “Greatest Hits” compilation ‘Bulkhead Plus’).

How much should be charged though? Well considering the US dollar as a standard online currency for the time being, the euro is comparable, $8-$10 for an album. $12-$14 for a double album; ie anything 90 minutes or more. Or perhaps anything over CD length. However $1 could be charged for individual tracks. this would encourage people to purchase entire albums. Or the artist could forgo the sale of individual tracks if they wanted the release heard as a full album. Occasional freebees could be made to whet the listeners appetite.

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