MP3 of the week

The first stage of the conservative re-affirmation of their entrenchment of the known universe has begun. Despite massive amounts of perceived pressure to oust him, John Howard is back in power in Australia for a fourth term. And he didn’t win by a gnats wing. Despite all the shouting and fist waving by those supposed opposed who were determined to use their democratic right to install the left in the end no-one exercised that right in the ballot box and regardless of all the myriad weblogs promoting his downfall as the Australian voice against the war, it all seemingly meant little to the average punter.

I foresee a win by Bush too. I see it happening because for all those in the US moaning about him only a fraction will bother to turn out to vote against them. Seems the majority of Americans I know well don’t even vote. They don’t see the point they claim. Those that believe in Bush will vote for him. Those that don’t won’t bother to vote against him. It’s sad but if Kerry wins I’ll be genuinely surprised. When the day comes all those god-fearing patriotic American Christians who have correctly assimilated all the imposed fears will turn out in their Suburban Utility Vehicles to vote for George Bush because he’s the only one who can save them from evil and keep them to the lifestyle to which they have become accustomed. Everyone else will stay at home and whine about it.

And here in Blightly and it’s tributaries Blair’s Neo-conservative Labour will win again… because the Liberals aren’t seen as ready for Government and the Conservatives… well you’d be crazy to vote for them. They should instigate Boris Johnson as the new leader, then they’ll be electable. At least as a final apocalyptic joke.

The best we can hope for is an ousting of Blair as leader eventually. I’m not even sure he wants to be prime minister anymore. He just wants to wait for the right moment to leave when there isn’t pressure on him so he can make it look like he wasn’t forced out.

Maybe we can all agree as a nation to turn our backs for a time and when we turn around he might be gone.

Anyway, mp3 of the week is Happy Days by The Shamen. A happy little ditty from their early career days of 1986 written as a sneering cynically tepid applause to conservative ideals under Lady Thatcher’s tyranny. I think it’s apt for the current climate and this kind of psychedelic pop-rock doesn’t age, it just goes retro.

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