Most boring post… ever!!!

This weekend I went to the bathroom a few times, then I was out and someone said something to me. I’m not sure what it was as I forget but it was quite funny. I had pizza. Then gave me chocolate because they thought it was my birthday but it wasn’t. lolololo!!!!1 It seems they mistook me for someone else and we laughed and milkshake came out our nose. I met my friend She took a photo of me making a funny face with her cameraphone but then lost her phone on the bus. Which was funny, but you had to be there. Then I had some hot chocolate with my other friend who got a hair cut which really suited him better than his old one. I think anyway, maybe I’ll get a hair cut or maybe I won’t. I don’t know yet. Oh well… then I watched tv for a while and fell asleep on my table… blah blah blah

Yes, this is a really dull post and you might wonder why I bothered to make it? I wonder too, yet many of you on my friends list here and elsewhere routinely make such posts. It’s got to a stage where I now rarely bother to read friends-only entries as 50% of it will be of no interest to me whatsoever.

Really folks… I know it’s not my business what and how people post on their blogs but some of this stuff is inane. I don’t know these people or situations and am unlikely to ever. I don’t see why what you did at the weekend is of any interest to people. Those that were with you don’t care because they witnessed it first hand, and those that weren’t… probably just don’t care.

Livejournal has the option to make friends only entries available to selected friend groups. Making friends only entries isn’t just about keeping some things from public eyes but also limiting what might be of interest to the public. If a post is mainly aimed at people who, say, live in your town… then why not make a friends group for local folks… or your friends who are involved with a certain hobby… or have certain tastes…

I know some of you will read this and take it upon yourselves to be offended but you know it makes sense…

Keep it relevant. I think people get bombarded with enough irellevant information on a daily basis as it is and it’s up to people to try to cut back on their own literal litter.

Thank you for listening.

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