Modern Male Sexual repression

The problem today, the reason that this amazingly evolved race hasn’t managed to leave behind predatory sexual deviancy, incorporating child molestation is because we are still a VERY sexually restrained society. In my opinion consenting and loving sex between adults is perfectly healthy and… goddammit… good for the soul, body and mind to such a degree that it should be made compulsory. True sexual liberation unfortunately is still far off as many people are still living under the false form of media and pseudo-culture control. ‘New Lad’ in particular is a prime example. He has many magazines and TV shows dedicated to his lifestyle. That of modern sexually aware and unashamed heterosexual man. This is of course a fallacy that covers up deep insecurity, sexually and socially that is fiercely promoted to build a certain degree of protection for this corrupt and restrictive social armour. The often attracted and worhipped female form by this social construct is a woman, sometimes short of hair, who is often tall, slim, fit lightly but firmly blessed in the breast department and subtle on the posterior. Not tied to the restrictions of maternal instincts. In other words; as close to the teenage male aesthetic as possible without seemingly obviously lesbian. ‘New Lad’s cultural support also features many coded and uncoded allusions to anal sex with these figures. Denoting the figure’s willing acceptance of alternative forms of gratification as well as the element of sexual control.

This largely reveals the obvious, that new lad in reality desires to bugger teenage boys. Modern society of course paints this practice as ‘unfashionable’ and as such ‘New Lads’ real desires are closeted behind false portrayals of want that leads often to confusion and frustration in the ‘New Lad’ that also leads to the need to immerse themselves in art and literature featuring Fast Shiny Cars and to drink copious amounts of cheap alcohol to prove in other ways their Masculinity that their subconscious has lead them to believe is under threat.

In many ways Roman man or two millennia ago was more liberated. Happily buggering teenage boys, pre-teenage boys, horses, and their grandmothers and yet seen by historians as enlightened and cultured. A description ‘New Lad’ is not granted. This may also tie in with the increase in use and demand for literature and photography featuring sexual dominance over children, animals, the vertically challenged and the limbless that is prevalent on the Internet.

Perhaps if ‘New Lad’ were to admit his secret desires for his fellow clad in only small tight shorts (which the ‘New Lad’ enshews for it hints at his profound fear all all that might appear ‘gay’), body shorn of hair and treated with skin moisturisers and oils, spread opon the bonnet of a fast car with a look of determined pleasure upon his face, life for him would be less confused, less frustrating and less violent, with less need for alcohol, violence and expenditure on overpriced Car magazines

Perhaps more buggery is the key to man’s evolution and the road to utopia?

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