This Fellow…


George: Hey Tony, how’s it going?

Tony: Terrible… You know I was in Brussels for that interim meeting on the fisheries commission? Well this fellow came up to me, and do you know what he said to me George?

George: What did he say Tony?

Tony: He said ‘you stupid cunt’!

George: He called you a cunt, Tony?!

Tony: He called me a stupid cunt, George.

George: <pause> You didn’t provoke him or…

Tony: Nothing George, I mean… I was just walking down the corridor and he comes up to me and he calls me a stupid cunt!

George: Damn! How did you respond?

Tony: What else… I mean… What else could I say George? I called him a stupid cunt.

George: Damn! I woulda done the same thing. What’d he say then?

Tony: He called me a STUPID cunt.

George: God damn! The audacity…

Tony: Yeah yeah… He left me with no choice George. I had to emphasize his status as a stupid cunt.

George: Did he reciprocate?

Tony: He did.

George: Damn… That sounds like one hell of a situation. How did you handle it from there?

Tony: He forced my hand George.

George: You hit him?

Tony: No I called him a stupid cunt.

George: Yeah?

Tony: …then I hit him.

George: Damn. How did he respond to that?

Tony: He said ‘Ohhh’.

George: goddammit. That’s one messy situation. I’d a hit him again.

Tony: I did. I did. Twice. He said ‘Aggghhh…’ then fell on the ground in a crumpled heap.

George: Lousy bastard, pardon my french Tony, but… I’da hit him just for that. Lying down too… goddammit… That’s just plain disrespectful!

Tony: I did hit him again… but he wouldn’t quit. I felt… Honestly George I felt like crying. But I’m the presi… I mean… I’m the prime minister of England…

George: …and Ireland.

Tony: No, I’m not prime-minister of Ireland.

George: But there are other countries in the deal right?

Tony: Yeah, erm… Scotland and Wales and the north of Ireland. But that’s just a ceremonial thing, it’s not a real position.

George: Oh yeah… Like uh… like getting ordained through the mail?

Tony: Yeah… kind of… but, like I was saying… I’m representing the whole country in this situation. I couldn’t let them down, George. I just couldn’t.

George: Not in the face of this kind of opposition. I mean. The guy just wouldn’t back down from the sounds of things…

Tony: He wouldn’t…

George:…you need to show a strong front under that kind of pressure. Show people you won’t be… you won’t be pressured. you won’t back down. Gotta make them back down first, you know?

Tony:…he just wouldn’t quit George…. and you know what he said then… after I kicked him in the chest?

George: What’d he say Tony?

Tony: ‘Gggahhh… stop… pleaseeee’

George:Goddammit Tony… y’see this is why we have the death penalty here in the US. You shouldn’t have to take that kinda abuse from anyone!

Tony: I shouldn’t have to take that kind of abuse from anyone!

George: No! You shouldn’t have to take that kinda abuse…

Tony: No… I don’t care if he is the president of France.

After Derek & Clive: This Bloke Came Up To Me by Peter Cook & Dudley Moore RIP