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  1. bill leeb:
    Sometimes I wake at night in a sweat; the thought of Bill on my mind, on my body, on my breath and in my ears… inside me. Loving me. Caring for me… oh wait, no that’s something else entirely… I hope.

    There is just something about Bills workmanlike music that appeals to me. He’s not really pretending to be anything other than what he is: A shy paranoid angst ridden old geek who still pines for those times in his life when he felt wonder and excitement… possibly while watching Sci-fi movies.

  2. carpentry:
    My dad was a carpenter… from that you can divulge that I’m either the illegitimate son of god or the illegitimate son of one of The Carpenters. Or neither. I picked the wrong week to quit caffine.

    Anyway, I caught the bug while working with the local voluntary services a few years ago. I love wood. I’m not an expert but I love making things. Anything. I love being creative. I wish my crippling apathy would let me do it more often. I’d love the space for my own workshop.

  3. curry:
    I love curry. Actually I love flavoursome spicey food. Not too hot. I want to be able to taste it. But I love curry especially. Chillis, cardamon, spices, coconut milk… some mushrooms, peas, onions, garlic… lots of garlic… and a bed of saffron rice. Or chips. Ah chips. Curry chips. Staple died of my youth. No wonder I was a fat bastard.
  4. front line assembly:
    See #1

    “Worn out shooooooooeeeeeeesssss!”

  5. john carpenter:
    I don’t know if it’s a coinicidence that I love carpentry and I love John Carpenter. Possibly for similar reasons for loving Bill Leeb. workmanlike attitude to his art. Little in the way of pretention. He loves what he does. He makes excellent minimal music too. I wish he’d do more music. I wish he and Bill would work together. I wish there was world peace and my penis was a little bigger… oh well. If wishes were fishes… They’d be incompatable with my vegetarian diet.
  6. netiquette:
    Yes. I have issues here. I get wound up over online communicative ignorance. Yeah, we all make mistakes. That’s to be understood… making ‘mistakes’ on purpose is just lame. But there is other stuff. Trolling, overquoting, top posting, massive signatures, stalking, leeching, link-stealing, trojaning, keylogging…. stipid fucking ‘leet-speek’ bollocks. Fuck off. Fuck right off! …and stuff.
  7. private eye:
    I’m not a subscriber. I like to pop down the shops and buy a copy. I value an excuse to leave the house sometimes. I like shopping, though mainly in the mornings when all the cunts are at work or in bed.

    Private Eye is the only paper worth reading to find out what’s going on in the world. Ok it’s a little biased and not totally accurate (well it is the most sued magazine in the UK) but it’s often funny and thoughtful and is one of the great legacies left on this earth by the wonderful Peter Cook.

  8. severed heads:
    I like my Geek music. I’m not sure there are more geeky bands than Severed Heads. One of the first groups in the word to really embrace the online world with the Twister BBS (run on an Amiga back in the day). Some wonderfully strange and nerdly electronic gubbins from Sydney, Australia. I love Tom Ellard, even though he is a curmudgeonly cunt.
  9. sukn fukn:
    If we are honest we all love it.
  10. unexplained shudders:
    Pleasant, they can be… I ignore the paranoia left with me after reading the Michael J Fox autobiography that tries to tell me it’s the onset of Parkinsons Disease (a crippling neurological disorder that causes the involuntary need to interview Billy Connolly repeatedly).

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