May Day gathering

Just an update on this. We are having a small gettogether at home for may day. I sent out a load of emails a few weeks back, and Pirita mailed off some hand-made cards. I’ve since had surprisingly few responses so either people are amazingly rude, or the contact details I have are out of date (or I’ve been tagged as a spammer by overzealous spam filtering setups)

We’d like an idea of how many people to expect so if you got an invite please let us know if you are coming, also let me know if you didn’t get an invite and would like to come.

Regardless it would be nice to get updated contact details from folks. Even if they haven’t changed in the past few years don’t assume I have recent ones. I’m not good at keeping my contact database up to date and it doesn’t help that Thunderbird Lightning synchronised my contacts with oblivion, rather than with my home machine.

Drop a screened comment or email me at praest76 at escapismyour

(Email address is obfuscated to avoid it being picked up by spam engines, obviously remove your shoes first. )

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