I signed up to an account on the server using the federated FOSS microblogging/twitter style service Mastodon a few years ago. I liked the look of it and the idea that it was free and servers could be based around different topics/groups etc, but like many such services I knew no-one on it and as such put it to one side thinking it would probably fade away or become a dull hangout for hardcore nerds and misanthropes.

However with the Twitter purchase by Elon Musk and the associated fallout since, many people I know have now left Twitter, or are in the process of doing so and Mastodon has received a massive influx of new users. So much so that many of the servers are struggling under the pressure and have shut their doors to new users until things can be brought under control.

Personally, I’m happy to have shifted my focus. At the moment Mastodon is not driven by an algorithm or corporate agendas, there is no ads and the vitriolic ranting, trolling and general hostility prevalent on Twitter is largely missing. How long it will remain that way remains to be seen and at some point I’m planning to move to a server that more suits my interests, though which interest I want to focus on is something I’m uncertain on at this stage.

Anyway, if anyone wants to follow me I can be found at

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