Lovefilm corrispondence

Dear LOVEpeoPLE.

I signed up for your two weeks free trial on the 8th January. I’m happy with
the service so far but received an email from you this morning (15/01/2005
06:40) offering me a reduced rate on my first month for £10 instead of £14.99.
It also claimed this expired on 15/01/2005 (-6:40 hours after the email was
apparently sent to me).

I clicked the button anyway as it was still seemingly active. I’ve no idea if
I’ve been charged £10 or £14.99, but what does bother me is that according to
my Account page on LOVEFiLM this month I just paid for apparently started right
away (it cites my next billing date as 15th Feb 2005) cancelling the remainder
of my free trial of which I should have approximately another week. If I had
been more patient I would have originally signed up with a friends email and
got a month free instead of a fortnight and would have seemingly lost the
majority of that today. I assumed this first paided month would begin following
the end of my trial period.

I’m guessing this and the above mentioned extremely limited offer are both the
result of oversights in your system?

Paying Customer


I have checked your account and you have paid £10 for the first months subscription. Unfortunately when you chose to sign up for this offer the trial automatically ended as you agreed to become a paying customer.

I am sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Kind Regards,

Katie Molt
LOVEFiLM Customer Services

Fucking arsewank! Oh, I’m fucking livid me! If I’d got that free month I wouldn’t bother restraining myself from cancelling my membership out of sheer spite. Still, doesn’t quite come close to that woeful story I got told earlier about a friend of a friend (etc) who’s just been shafted for god knows how much by some fraudster who managed to get a hold of both their Chip and Pin while in transit to them via the Royal Mail[tm] from HSBC[tm] and had their merry way with their credit limit. I’m hearing far too many such tales… but Chip and Pin[tm] are Safe[tm] and Good[tm] and any problems arising from its use are the fault of the Customer[tm], even if they haven’t come into contact with it yet.


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