Letter to Yahoo!

Dear Yahoo!

I’m trying to sign up for a yahoo account.. I don’t want to. In fact I used to have one and got rid of it because I fucking hate your system, however your recent acquisition of Flickr has forced me to, otherwise I can no longer access my account. However I live in ireland. In ireland we have no post codes. Your sign-up page requires one. It won’t accept anything I type in complaining that it is not a valid postcode for the country I live it. The reason being is that we have no valid post-codes in ireland. This effective excludes any irish people from Yahoo.

You’re a bunch of fucking muppets.

I expect the cost of the past 30 minutes I’ve wasted in this internet cafe banging my head against your website to be reumbursed to me by return post. That’s €3. Otherwise I’m going to travel to your support centre with some large angry dogs.

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