Learning to Code

Something that has been on my New Years Resolutions list for about three years running has been “Learn a programming language.”. I’m actually trying to get round to it now, half way through the third year. I’m just not totally sure what language to learn. when it comes down to it I’d like to learn something that will be useful to myself to make small applications for my own use, however it would also be useful to have some skill that might also get me some employment. Learning some new minority programming language that no-one cares about won’t be much use, but neither will be learning one that everyone and his dog knows. I have knowledge of x/html and once considered becoming a web developer, but the world is full of web developers that are flipping burgers and herding trolleys so it’s not much use. The same is possibly true of C++ programmers.

I know a lot of people who program and would like to hear their opinions on the matter. Currently I’ve had Mono suggested to me and it looks like it might be useful (and I love when people take Microsoft’s toys away from them), but does anyone have any other suggestions or further praises to sing on the topic of Mono? Anyone want to emphasise C++’s usefulness?


Something to say?