Larne does it’s bit against the struggle in Iraq

Congratulations to the brave people of Larne who have managed to help prevent a Iraqi invasion of their little town. Albeit by handicapped children. But it’s great to see the folks of Larne standing by the old Loyalist tradition of standing firm and decided against opposition regardless of the cause or need for intelligence. The brave people of larne stood proud against the onslight of the Iraqi ‘special’ unit and sent their kids out to vandalise signs in the area to support their brave lads fighting in Iraq…

…for Saddam I’m guessing… they didn’t make that clear.

Larnes devotion to his cause will no doubt bring a tear to the eye of whatever underling he has assigned to the business of crying on his behalf. And he’ll sleep better at night’s knowing that when he can’t oppress his citizens the people of Larne will.


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