Landlord update

So here was the situation with the former landlord: He returned our deposit minus €260 rent he claims we still owe him. Pirita has sat down with her bank statements and looked at all the rent she’s paid since we took the place. It’s all there. We owe him nothing. He’s an idiot. He still claims we owe him €260. He doesn’t seem to comprehend that he’s counted it up wrong. He didn’t get rent on the usual day. It doesn’t seem to occur to him that maybe, by the last payment, we were paid up to our end of lease.

Anyway, he’s been reported to the relevant authorities. Problem is that in Ireland the relevant authorities are shite and will very likely do fuck all. Friends and folks who have been through this rigmarole all say the same thing: forget it, move on.

Personally I didn’t expect to get any of the deposit back. It seems common here and the guy is a tightarse interesting in nothing more than maximising the return on his investment regardless of how many corners he has to cut. Hence our need to move to begin with: Fuckwit wouldn’t replace the faulty 30 year old rust-bucket of a boiler in the middle of a cold winter in a house riddled with damp.

We could have done with that extra €260 though…

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