Laibach ‘Macbeth’

More guesswork. This CD was released as one-track. Possibly because the band saw the album as one piece to be ingested as a whole… or just out of laziness. Anyway there are pirate split MP3s floating about on the net but I consider the track-splits to be wrong. For a start the track 10.5.1941 on the album is at the start of side 2 of the LP and is an orchestral number beginning with air-plane sounds. This track also appears on the International: Compilation Mute… er… compilation, so I’m assuming it is correct. In the split pirate mp3s this name is given to the following track. Anyway. I believe my track-names and times on this cue-sheet are a tad more accurate though still not 100%. In fact you are probably better off listening to the CD as a whole as god (or Laibach) intended and pretend you never read this rambling shite.

Laibach Macbeth

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