Kazaa whines about copyright theft… no seriously.

[Kazaa pull DMCA over copyright infringement violation] – Seriously. Not a joke. I found this looking for Kazaa Lite on google. All links to the various Kazaa lite (Unnoficial free Kazaa alternative with all the dodgy spyware and ad crap removed) have been deleted from Google. Apparenlty the Kazaa people who have helped to violate so many Copyrights are worried that they are being ripped off and losing revenue. My heart bleeds for them, really. these are the sort of people who complain about crap roads and the lack of decent schools then complain when they put the taxes up. They all need collectively slapped with cheeseboards until their cheeks glow and their heads spin. Sadly what fucks up the internet is the attitude many have of it being a cash cow and getting the most out of it as possible before it breaks under the strain. I guess the same attitude they have about the world. I bet Kazaa employees all drive SUV’s.

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