Jumping on the PC Backlash bandwagon.

Because cynicism is so in vogue it’s actually considered lame in society to actually be passionate about anything. So the majority tend to keep their ‘passions’ under wraps or out of the public eye in fear that an army of rather pathetic and material-starved stand up comics will descend on them and make fun of their opinions in return for cheques and the appreciation of their mates and a chance at being on Have I Got News For You some week. they say this is the Pc backlash. where people who got sick of being told what they can and can’t make fun of decide to rebel and make fun of whatever they think is lame, as long as it’s a cheap and relatively ‘safe’ target that won’t get them into trouble. Many also decide that anything they feel uneasy about or don’t understand is ripe for hostility and bile, or at least snide remarks and ironic statements aimed at ‘those that understand’, or rather seeking out others that feel the same way so they can form little resistance cells that meet overa pint in their local and slag off all the eliments of the world they don’t like, agree with or can’t afford. Implying jealousy? Possibly. Some people just becaome jealius because they can’t understand something and like to find some way to feel superior to those that do. Hence the constant and cloying whining about programminmg videos that many comics have lived off for years. Or gags aimed at Computer users. People who understand computes are belittled as ‘geeks’ who can’t get girls and like computers because of this. Of course this is just a manufactured image by people in the early 80s who felt insecure about their jobs and their place in the world due to their inability to understand this new technology that would probably change the world, who felt the only way to keep their position was to make the position of Computer User seem unattractive, and those in it useless at everything else.

Even today the label of geek is something that hasn’t become much less ‘lame’ and in order for the majority of people to find the, now crucial, use of computers an attractive image for the large majority of fashion and social image concious people the image is being manhandled and clumsily edited by the media so people can sit down at fluorescent laptops in coffee shops or in a living room surrounded by fashionable friends and feel somehow that it separates them from the typical image of the ‘geek’ or ‘nerd’ who is still to this day a joke underclass that comes with little in ther way of kudos or much in the way or snide remarks and passive lack of respect by those that still don’t understand or want to.

We all have passions and beliefs and strong opinions on various things. Those who don’t are living halflive’s and those who don’t through fear of being persecuted by the popular party-life cognoscenti are suffering worst of all by living a lie perpetuated by insecure bullies.

Oh, where does this come from? Listening to all the tongue-in-cheek light ‘entertainment’ thats around these days that’s purely based on belittling ideals and lifestyles that aren’t currently fashionable. Most of the people who do this would secretly prefer to be ripping on about niggers and homos but there still isn’t enough ambivalence, cynicism and apathy in society to let them get away with that again.

Ok, sometimes it’s just whimsy. But too often it’s little more than ignorance based on personal bitterness and frustration… possibly related to personal experiences of bullying or insecurity about genitals.

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